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lucky 13's

neurodiverse co-designed learning cards 

Studio Art
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  • accredited learning 

  • choice based architecture 

  • visual interaction or literacy interaction 

  • fluid curriculum designed by the learner every week 


According to a Governmental study in 2022, over 90% of the UK prison population is Neurodiverse, however our educational offering provides little to cater for a wide and diverse spectrum of learners.

Design as a conversation 

A pack of cards delivered every week that contain themes that are aspirational and tethered to a block of learning. In this case, music. Rhyming cards, Rhythm cards, lyric cards and many more. 

introducing choice based learning  

Learners can work through the cards tasks or keep them as top tips and can choose to store only certain cards every week, creating their own unique curriculum. 

north star 

The full-colour, learning cards provides aspirational and educational material to over 2,500 prisoners in seven participating prisons across the South East and the east coast of USA. The task based learning can lead to an Arts Award, an Industry Award or a self directed project, all acting as a valuable North Star for learners to aim for.

a Trojan horse

Lucky13's are a Trojan Horse of learning, education in disguise. 

Along with InHouse RecordsLucky13's  represents a growing portfolio of projects within the field of Criminal Justice. Complex entities cannot be changed with a single social impact project, indeed plurality of projects are often required to address complex issues.

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