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Emilia D'Orazio's  AcrosSilos


Athenaeum has it's roots in Ancient Greece, a safe and enabling environment for people to read, learn and share. Today that space is often referred to as a library. These intentional spaces to learn are becoming less & less physical and more & more passive, cloud based, spaces. Promoting curiosity and sharing knowledge is an important responsibility for us all to acknowledge.

 life long learners

When I was growing up in an 1980's London, my local library was the primary place I would access in order to learn. As libraries close down and knowledge migrates from concrete & glass buildings to the digital real estate of coding and avatars, our individual challenge is to promote the spaces for knowledge exchange to occur, where we can, by promoting a lifestyle of being life long learners through interdependent digital learning communities.

share your ideas & projects

What I have learnt in my life is limited, and whilst I am happy to share my limited knowledge, I am very keen to share the far greater collective knowledge of all who are operating in the field of social impact.

I am profoundly inspired by those making an impact in our society and am eager to ensure as many people as possible can be inspired too. By sharing your ideas & projects of impact you are joining a community of change.

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