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grounds maintenance as therapy & employment

Carlowire Adaptability
Carlowire Adaptability
Carlowire Adaptability
Carlowire Adaptability
  • operating from 2014 - 2017

  • 98% Completion rate

  • 176 Unique Participants 

  • 0% returned to homelessness


In 2014 Scotland, 34,000 Homeless applications were made, and 29,894 households were assessed as homeless by their local Scottish authority. This equates to a household losing their home every 17.5 minutes. 


safe & Enabling spaces

Edinburgh not only has a high number of people experiencing homelessness, it also has a high number of castle owners unable to maintain their estates. Can their be a symbiotic relationship providing genuine mutual value between two socio-economic groups?

green care

Carlowrie Academy is an initiative that provides low cost gardening services for luxury castles, but yet, simultaneously offers green care therapy, nature connection, well-being and accredited qualifications for beneficiaries.


Adaptability, the competency that helps us understand and cope with change was cemented though this symbiotic relationship between two worlds that would never normally meet. Co-created alongside Bethany Homeless Charity Police Scotland and Carlowrie Castle. 

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