InHouse Records

record label for change operating

in & out of UK prisons 

a studio project

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InHouse Records Relationships
  • 428% Increase positive behaviour 

  • 33% Decrease in violence   

  • 0% Re-Offending

A studio project

Studio Projects represent a major undertaking for my design practice. Years of ethnographic & primary research provide the starting point for our co-creative conversations. Studio Projects are self commissioned and result in a sustainable social enterprise or initiative that provides impact and longevity.


The UK has a re-offending rate of circa 64% costing the government £15bn per year. 

Inhouse Records launched

 InHouse Records is a multi award winning, rehabilitative, service, operating in multiple UK prisons and on the outside too, increasing positive behaviour in prison and significantly reducing re-offending on the outside. Taking the tasks associated with a functioning record label and turning them into an accredited, choice based, aspirational curriculum. Along with Aux Magazine, InHouse Records represents a growing portfolio of projects within the field of Criminal Justice. Complex entities cannot be changed with a single social impact project, indeed plurality of projects are often required to address complex issues. 



We are devoted to the building of relationships and the capacity to maintain and nurture relationships. In doing so ALL our participants and graduates will not only become better skilled in their tasks for the label within prison but on the outside, are able to forge stronger relationships, wider networks that can upwardly spiral mobility and reclaim equality. 

project stakeholders