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micro recruitment a vehicle for change

Taskstar Employability
Taskstar Employability
Taskstar Employability
Taskstar Employability
  • Launched in 2016

  • adopted by homeless charity

  • providing consistent routes out of homelessness  


The 2015/16 CHAIN Report shows that homelessness in Kensington and Chelsea has steadily increased year on year since 2012 and highlights a 25% increase in rough sleeping in the area since 2013.


Asset based 

Taskstar is a fresh approach to employability, matching the needs of small businesses & organisations with the assets of a ready and willing workforce. A task based recruitment consultant, providing staff to operate in non customer facing environments for 30 minute slots. Participants are able to ease back to work gently by gaining invaluable work experience and references, whilst small businesses are able to cover busy periods whilst supporting a group back into society.


from idea to reality

Task Star specifically helps rough sleepers address personal issues and supports their professional development enabling progress to secure housing, employment & interdependent living. TaskStar began as a prototype, within the programmes of RESTART a homeless charity operating in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. The project was developed whilst I was studying at The Royal College of Art and in partnership with Goldman Sachs.

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